• Apple Watch Nike Plus

Apple Watch Nike Plus (Photo : Twitter)

Apple has just unveiled iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the second generation of Apple Watch after the original smartwatch hit the market in April 2015. The new wrist wearable looks similar to the original Apple Watch but has some new sports features that are in the device's internals and software. They include the smart watch being waterproof for swimmers, built-in GPS, and a Nike-themed watch for runners.          

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The new Sport watch's price tag starts at $369. Shipping will begin next week.

Meanwhile, the original Apple Watch is getting a faster processor and discount to $269.

Jeff Williams is Apple's Chief Operating Officer. On stage at the September event he described Apple Watch 2 as faster and brighter, and claimed it is the top device to maintain a healthy life.  

The Series 2 units' graphics performance is two times the original Apple Watch. Furthermore, the display is twice as bright and is the brightest Apple product ever produced, according to Yahoo.  

Apple's first smartwatch was just "splash-proof". However, the new wearable is "swim-proof" so it will be safe when doing laps in a swimming pool or surfing in the ocean.

The new smartwatch also includes built-in GPS tracking. This can benefit outdoor activities such as hiking at Yosemite Park or the Grand Canyon.

Williams also explained that Apple Watch 2 is getting a new app named Breathe. It reminds people to stand up and walk around several times daily to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

The new Apple Watch includes some small physical changes. It is about one millimeter thicker than the original smartwatch and includes a pair of speaker ports, according to The Verge.

Another change is a white ring around the optical heart rate sensors. They were yellow on last year's model.

The second-gen series is also adding Apple Watch Nike Plus. Nike brand president Trevor Edwards argued the wearable provides the best running experience.

Finally, the digital timepieces are also getting other new apps that run on WatchOS 3. They include Pokémon GO, The Washington Post, and Sweating with Kayla

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 at its event on September 7, Wednesday using a hype video with a fitness theme and music by hiphop artist Pusha T. The tech giant wants to point out that the device is not an iPhone for wrists. It is a fitness band that goes toe-to-toe with fitness trackers from companies such as Fitbit, Jawbone, and Garmin.