• Screenshot of the alleged Naruto Hiden story for anime adaptation

Screenshot of the alleged Naruto Hiden story for anime adaptation (Photo : Youtube/Spiralling Sphere)

"Naruto" manga of Masashi Kishimoto might have ended in 2014, but its anime adaptation is still far from being over, especially with the reported introduction of "Naruto Hiden" or Hidden Stories the coming winter.

Anime fans cannot seem to get enough of the adventures of the characters in the ninja world. That is why according to reports, fillers or sub-stories will be adapted in order to form part of the central storyline and prepare its plot for an epic ending.

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The adaptation to anime of these series of stories had already started when it debuted the Itachi Shinden arc a few months ago. And other three more series would be added to the anime adaptation, which would include stories after the main storyline has finished. It would look closer to the lives of different characters after the Great Ninja War, according to iDigitalTimes.

According to reports, the Hidden stories will be released coming winter of 2016 and probably around November according to a social media post, and it will feature the 6 volumes of Hiden. The television will accordingly adapt Takashi Yano's Shikamaru Hiden, Hinata's Konoha Hiden (Konoha's [Hidden] Story, and Shin Towasa's Sasuke Shinden, according to AnimeNewsNetwork.

This latest adaptation will surely entice anime fans back to the ninja world, as it would focus more on particular characters and not mainly on Uzumaki. It can be remembered that each character in the said anime is well crafted that in itself it could stand alone, almost any character is stand out so to speak.

This speculated release seemed to be a timely response from the comments of some anime fans that something new should be done and not merely a spin-off. And such comment somehow pertains to the upcoming Boruto TV series.

Undeniably, some fans are looking for something new and would not even settle for a spin-off. The introduction of these fillers will hopefully suffice the thirst of anime fans for more adventure. By sketching out separate and essential stories of Kakashi, Shikamaru, Gaara, Sakura, the Akatsuki organization, people behind the success of "Naruto" are hoping to re-ignite the interest of anime fans. That is why some of the known characters that will be given more emphasis in the upcoming release of the latest anime adaptation.

Though "Naruto Hiden" confirmation of release date is still uncertain and would only form part of the rumor online, it is interesting to await the potential twist and turns of the upcoming adaptation. Guess we would just have to wait for its arrival in November as rumors would suggest.

Watch here below video discussion of the adaptation: