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Minnesota authorities arrested and jailed a 60-year-old man from Baldwin who possibly is part of a sex trafficking ring between the U.S. and China. Brian Kersten was charged with one count of engaging in sex trafficking, said Washington County officials and police.

Two Money Gram transactions possibly helped established Kersten’s link to a prostitution ring in China. In May, he made two money transfers totaling $20,200 to two different Chinese financial institution. Kersten also made three other wire transfers totaling $15,500 through Money Gram in Wal-Mart, reported Leader Telegram.

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Kersten, the owner of a veterinary business in Baldwin, is believed to have transacted less than $10,000 to avoid detection by authorities since he was not required by law to file a currency transaction report for the activities and amount of transfer involved.

When authorities came to arrest Kersten at his house on 577 Highway J, Roberts, they found a Chinese woman but was not distressed but police thought she was a trafficking victim. When authorities investigated, they found from Kersten’s relative that he visited China to see 48-year-old Shixin Zhang, allegedly a prostitute and in charge of sex trafficking operations.

Kersten is said to have paid her in the past for sex. A man who claims to be the boyfriend of Zhang told police Kersten helps her collect money from sex trade workers. The relative said Kersten brings the Chinese women to the Midwest where they are made to work in massage parlors which are often prostitution fronts.

Many massage parlors in the U.S. and other countries are often used as prostitution fronts, with illegal foreign migrants who are victims of human trafficking forced to work in these establishments, reported USCannenbergmedia.

Kersten was arrested on Wednesday and is detained at the Washington County Jail. His bail was set at $250,000 without conditions or $100,000 if he surrenders his passport, does not possess porn and does not visit a popular online site to sell and solicit sex act.