• "The Lost City of Z" is set to debut at the New York Film Festival on Oct. 15.

"The Lost City of Z" is set to debut at the New York Film Festival on Oct. 15. (Photo : Getty Images/ Kevin Winter)

"Sons of Anarchy" alum Charlie Hunnam is making waves with his upcoming movie "The Lost City of Z," which is being anticipated to become a massive hit.

"The Lost City of Z" is the film adaptation of the best-selling book by David Grann, which first hit bookshelves in 2009. The story is based on the real life events about Percy Fawcett's attempts to locate an ancient lost city in the Amazon. The movie, directed by James Gray, follows Hunnam and Robert Pattinson's taking on the epic journey.

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According to /FILM, Hunnam plays Percy Fawcett, a British surveyor who disappeared while exploring the Amazon in the 1920s to search for a mysterious city. On the other hand, Pattison plays Henry Costin. Sienna Miller takes on a supporting role as Nina Fawcett. "Spider-Man: Homecoming" star Tom Holland appears as Jack Fawcett, Percy's son.

Ian McDiarmind, who played Chancellor Palpatine in the "Star Wars" films, as well as Harry Melling of "Harry Potter" fame will also star in "The Lost City of Z."

Before Hunnam signed up for the film, Brad Pitt was initially considered to take the leading role. Benedict Cumberbatch was also approached for the part, but had to decline to accommodate Marvel's "Doctor Strange" movie, due out in theatres this November. Meanwhile, Pitt took on a role as one of the film's producers.

The movie was shot in various locations in Belfast, Colombia and Northern Ireland.

The rights to the film hotly coveted by film distributors worldwide. However, in North America, the rights were bagged by Amazon Studios, and the film was brought at a reported mid-eight figures, The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

The online streaming company is currently adding the finishing touches to its deal with Andrew Karpen's Bleecker Street and is looking at a spring 2017 release for "The Lost City of Z." Amazon's Bob Berney is heading the marketing and distribution of the film together with Bleecker Street.

StudioCanal will distribute the film in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

"The Lost City of Z" is set to debut at the New York Film Festival on Oct. 15.