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Guy blowing vapor. (Photo : Getty Images)

According to a study, e-cigarette smoking or vaping aids people to quit cigarette smoking. The rates of quitting in smoking and the support in the U.K. were studied by the British Medical Journal.

Researchers in U.K. conducted a study concluded that the rose of popularity of e-cigarette smoking or vaping could have resulted in many successful tries and efforts to stop smoking. The researchers, according to the Los Angeles Times did not find a conclusive association between e-cigarette smoking and the attempt to give up smoking.

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According to the study however, their computations demonstrated that for every one percent increase of e-cigarette usage, the success of quitting attempts increases by 0.098 percent. To add to that, the study says that for every one percent increase of vaping or e-cigarette smoking attempts to quit, there was a rose of quitting attempts success rate by 0.058 percent.

The e-cigarette smoking or vaping appears to have no impact on the smokers attempting to stop cigarette smoking. However, more cigarette smokers have in fact managed to quit, the BBC reported.

The authors and researchers concluded that e-cigarette smoking or vaping could have aided 18,000 cigarette smokers in the U.K. to finally quit cigarette smoking in the year 2015.

The group, from the Cancer Research U.K. and from University College London express that what they did is just an observational research and so they could not have a conclusive cause and effect relationship. One cigarette smoking expert shared that it seemed that the e-cigarettes or vapes were a major cause to the trend.

However, health experts profess that the most foolproof way to stop smoking maintains and remains by prescription medicines and professional assistance from the free local National Health Service (NHS) quit-smoking services. On the NHS, e-cigarettes or vapes are still not widely available.

In the advent of e-cigarette, the health authorities feared that the vapes or e-cigarettes would further urge cigarette smokers to continue on smoking by giving them socially accepted substitute in places where the use of the ordinary cigarettes were prohibited. As written in the editorial by the Britton, however, this new study implies that it was actually the other way around.

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