• Early Black Friday 2016 Deals: Save $300 on MacBook Pro 2016 via B&H and Adorama, No Wait Time and Tax-Free iPhone 7 Plus from eBay

Early Black Friday 2016 Deals: Save $300 on MacBook Pro 2016 via B&H and Adorama, No Wait Time and Tax-Free iPhone 7 Plus from eBay (Photo : Facebook)

Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will hit the retail market in several countries including the United States and United Kingdom on September 16, Friday. The first teardowns of the Apple devices by sites such as iFixit will explain issues such as the A10 Fusion chip, amount of RAM, and waterproofing technology. A new YouTube video already has a teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus and could show why the tech giant removed the headphone jack from the Apple smartphone.        

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The video seems to show a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus.  It is 17 minutes long and is in Vietnamese so the audio will be indecipherable for most people.

However, the video certainly shows why the 3.5mm headphone jack was removed from the handsets. It cleared up space so Apple could use a much larger Taptic Engine module than the one used in last year's iPhone 6s Plus, according to BGR.

The unit provides feedback for 3D Touch and home button presses. Removing the headphone jack also freed up space in the iPhone for other units.  

For example, test results show that the battery life of the new phones is more than 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The new processor turns off unused parts to save power.

Next, the iPhone 7 Plus teardown also shows the dual-lens camera unit. It seems to reveal that certain chips on the motherboard have been waterproofed.

Another test by The Independent proved that the new iPhones are also beer-proof. After being removed from a glass of black Guinness the smartphone still worked perfectly, according to Quartz.  

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 series phones last week at its September event. The company's executives shared the upgraded cameras, longer battery life, and better water resistance.

Tech reviewers praised the company for upgrading the iPhone's performance. It is much faster and durable than the iPhone 6. Apple is also bundling a dongle so 3.5mm headphones work with the Lightning port.     

However, changing the home button to a touch-sensitive unit has received mixed reviews. Some iPhone fans prefer the touch of a physical button, and it has been observed the feedback does not feel like the button is moving.

The iPhone 7 Plus is twice as fast as the iPhone 6 and also performs better than the top iPad. On the other hand, the performance gap between the two new Apple smartphones could be small, and the Plus will be more of a power hog.    

Here's an iPhone 7 Plus review: