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Pokemon Go (Photo : YouTube)

iOS and Android devices have downloaded "Pokémon Go" over 500,000 times since it became a hit mobile game in summer 2016. This augmented reality (AR) game was developed by Niantic and makes virtual objects such as pocket monsters look like they exist in the real world. The Google spin-off's CEO John Hanke recently argued that AR is more interesting and has a better future in the tech world than virtual reality (VR).

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Hanke is in the latest "Recode Decode" podcast. He explained that AR is in line with his company's main philosophy that games should be played outdoors and away from living room couches.

The goal of "Pokémon Go" is for players to find and catch Pikachu and other Pokemon in the real world. This requires them to go outside and visit new places. However, Hanke is worried about people looking down at their phone's display when they go into city parks where there are trees and statues, for example.

Gamers can get help from the wrist wearable named Pokémon Go Plus. The plastic bracelet buzzes to alert them when there is a wild Pokémon nearby or they are passing a PokeStop.        

Apple Watch's "Pokémon Go" app will work similar to the Nintendo accessory.  

The Niantic CEO suggested that in the future there could be AR glasses that add objects such as Pokémon to the real world, according to Recode. This would make AR mobile gaming even safer.  

Hanke admitted that making good AR games is harder than VR games. However, he agrees with Apple CEO Tim Cook that AR has more potentiality for future games.

That is true even though several VR headsets have hit the retail market including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR. Sony's PlayStation VR is scheduled to launch in mid-October.

The software developer's chief executive shared he thinks AR is more interesting and provides more hope for tech and humans than VR. He explained that VR separates people from the real world. Meanwhile, AR improves the actions that humans do such as spending time outdoors, talking with people, playing, and shopping.     

In related news, Sony has stated that the original PS4 console is the main platform for PSVR, according to UploadVR. The gaming system has the same internal hardware as the new PS4 Slim model.

Jim Ryan is CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE). He added that the PS4 Pro set to launch in November will provide a better VR experience than the standard PS4.

Here are some tips/tricks for Pokemon Go Buddy System: