• College Students Having Sex

College Students Having Sex (Photo : LiveLeak)

Two Chinese college students were filmed by another student of the same school having sex through the empty classroom’s windows. The third student then captured the action on Weibo and posted it on social media sites.

The chalk board, wooden desks and windows are good markers to identify where the incident happened, although the schools name remains unknown for now. It is not the first time that people inside the campus have been caught on camera having sex inside schools such as a professor and student.

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In May, Daily Mail reported that a university professor and a naked female student at Changzhou University were caught on film having sex on a classroom desk. The footage, apparently taken from a mobile phone, showed the female student lying on her back at the classroom’s front. Her legs were on the shoulder of the man who kept his shirt on but his pants were lowered.

The 45-second video was viral on Chinese social media which led to the professor being investigated by the university for violating the institution’s code of conduct.

Elite Daily, which reported the incident, noted that other instances when Chinese couple were caught making out in public, were in the library entrance, inside the taxi, on the sidewalk and on the bike.