• This is the official poster cover of the game, with a reversible black cover hidden alongside the original cover.

This is the official poster cover of the game, with a reversible black cover hidden alongside the original cover. (Photo : Twitter/Final Fantasy XV)

The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature more game detail on the sequel's map and a PS4 Pro gameplay leaked.

Game director Hajime Tabata revealed more exciting details regarding the map size of "Final Fantasy XV" as he told Hardcore Gamer (via PlayStationLifeStyle) that the sequel's map size is ""incomparable" to other game maps.

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It is confirmed that "Final Fantasy XV" will have a slight open-world gameplay and it will at least take over a 100 hours just to finish all of the main quest and side missions that the game has to offer. Tabata stated that "Final Fantasy XV" will have a linear storyline, while the other is open-world. He explained that the first half keeps going as an open-world and the story in the second half will lead to a linear path just like any "Final Fantasy" game.

Tabata assured gaming fans that it is being done for the sake of versatility and to give players the chance to enjoy a more traditional sense of linear gameplay. The PS4 version of "Final Fantasy XV" will run between 900p and 1080p, while being close to holding the 30 FPS. while the Xbox One version will run at 765p and 900p and even here frame rate is close to 30 FPS.

Square Enix is still working on optimization in "Final Fantasy XV" and the team will continue to work on it until its intended launch on November, especially on stabilizing the frame rate. On top of that, improvements to the graphics are also undergoing as Square Enix has been working on improving the look of the trees and shrubs at intermediate distances, which will be better in the final game.

In other news, a leaked footage of a "Final Fantasy XV" features tha sequel being played in Sony's new update console, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Tabata stated during the previous Active Time Report that "Final Fantasy XV" will have a PS4 Pro support, however, he did not give any information on how the game will take advantage of the upgraded system, Gamesxpresso reported.

There are also hints that "Final Fantasy XV" will also be ported to the PC and Xbox Scorpio platforms, but sadly Nintendo users will not likely see a Nintendo NX anytime soon.

"Final Fantasy XV" will launch on Nov. 29 for PS4 and Xbox One consoles.