• Potential Super Saiyan White transformation of Vegeta as speculated by some fans.

Potential Super Saiyan White transformation of Vegeta as speculated by some fans. (Photo : YouTube/ SSRIQ)

"Dragon Ball Super" Ep. 59 and 60 have been highly anticipated since the leak of its alleged title and plot summary proliferated on the Internet. But despite its non-inclusion in most rumors, some anime fans are still expecting for the possible new transformation of Vegeta, including the speculated Super Saiyan White transformation.

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It can be remembered that in the previous episodes of "Dragon Ball Super", Vegeta has seen many transformations. And such transformation may not only be observed through physical or external changes but most especially on the nature of the character himself.

Since the introduction of the Prince of Saiyan in the famous anime of Akira Toriyama, it cannot be helped to notice that the Saiyan Prince is quite rude or villainous in nature. However, as the hit anime series progressed, anime fans witnessed an almost total change of heart of the said character, as he continues to be immersed with the likes of Goku, his family, and friends.

Amidst the current chaos and new opponent they have been facing in Future Trunk's Arc, Black Goku and Zamasu, it seems like the focus has been given more to Goku and his abilities, and thus forgetting the potentials of Vegeta to explode and achieve another level of transformation. And for such matter, DBS fans are speculating that Akira Toriyama is preparing something special for his "favorite" character as mentioned by DragonballWikia.

In the previous episode of DBS, it was witnessed that Vegeta was pounded and in fact mortally wounded by Black, according to AttackOfTheFanBoy. And such insult added to the pain of knowing that his wife in the future, Bulma, was heartlessly killed by the said villain of the future. Thus, rumors of its potential outrage are being awaited in the current arc. However, there are still no signs of its increase of power eclipsing or even going beyond the level of Beerus or Whis.

As means of speculation, it has been rumored that Vegeta might first assume another level of transformation ahead of Goku. Some fans speculated that Vegeta would likely transform into a Super Saiyan Rose, while others, though farfetched, insisted on a different transformation, a Super Saiyan White to battle Black. 

Despite their contentions about the color, one thing for sure is to be expected. Vegeta will not remain in the bottom part of the food chain. He will inevitably arise and astound every "Dragon Ball Super" fans. But when and how still remains a mystery, guess we would just have to wait and see for the anime to unfold the beauty of its story.

Watch here below discussion on the potentials of the Prince of Saiyan: