• Google Nexus 7 will be likely manufactured by Huawei.

Google Nexus 7 will be likely manufactured by Huawei. (Photo : Twitter)

Google has confirmed that an event will happen on October 4 but stopped short of providing details, only firing up the rumors that the Nexus 2016 flagships expected to come out will be renamed as Pixel and Pixel XL. Will the planned unveiling include the Nexus 7 2016, likely to be rebranded as Pixel? 

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To date, there is no confirmation from Google that Nexus will be dropped in favor of Pixel but the move becoming real makes sense, according to CNET. There is a hybrid device that Google named Pixel C and it's possible the company would want to focus on the new product line.

Picking up on the speculations that next week Google will intro the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones - supposedly the HTC-made Nexus Sailfish and Marlin that were the subject of leaks and rumors in the past months - the rebrand to Pixel 7 for the 7-inch Stock Android tablet will surely simplify Google's mobile device line.

Again, Google is not saying a word on anything about Nexus 7 2016 or Pixel 7. The hints came from well-known gadget leaker Evan Blass, who recently tweeted that Google in partnership with Huawei will soon unpack a compact slate that will run on native Android Nougat.

Blass, also known as @evleaks, claimed that the device will boasts of Snapdragon 821 as main engine with support of up to 4GB of RAM. The on-board memory is 64GB with possibility of storage expansion.

Rumors indicate too that since Huawei will mass produce the Nexus or Pixel 7, the device will likely be modeled after the hit Nexus 6P - the build and design scaled up to fit the new tablet profile. Yet according to Vine Report, the device tipped by Blass could be the Huawei 7P that the Chinese device maker has recently applied for trademark.

If all these speculations will come into fruition, then Google will have three Pixel device flavors ready for unleashing. The regular Pixel and the CXL version will be the immediate successors to the Nexus phones that were last built by Huawei and LG.

The Pixel 7, on the other hand, will replace the Nexus 7, the last iteration of which came out in 2013, courtesy of Asus. Earlier reports claimed that Google plotted a premium path for the tablet, supposedly to tussle with Apple's iPad Mini and Samsung's Galaxy Tab S series.

Provided the Nexus 7 2016 or Pixel 7 is introduced with its smartphone siblings on October 4, the actual release is likely to happen in the immediate weeks or even days with Android 7.1 Nougat running the show.