• "One Punch Man" video game, a fan made video.

"One Punch Man" video game, a fan made video. (Photo : YouTube/ WhatActually ReallyHappened)

"One Punch Man Season 2" release date has been highly sought by anime fans since its first season ended December last year. However, the long wait will soon be over, as it was recently confirmed that season 2 is set for release in 2017 together with a surprising "One Punch Man" game app. that is expected to entice audience from both anime and gaming world. 

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After it was already confirmed during "One Punch Autumn Festival" that the hit anime series will have its season 2 next year, Otakumode also mentioned the upcoming game app. in 2017. And such interesting announcement was later on confirmed online via the official Twitter account.

Now this news of a game app for OPM is another level unlocked for the people behind the hit anime series if indeed it would be pursued next year. What started as simple webcomic under a mysterious author back in 2009, according to Comicbook, will be immortalized through a game app accessible for all ages.

Though it is very exciting to hear the idea of having an OPM inspired game, still details of the game app are yet to be fully revealed. As of now, only speculations of the potential platform and gameplay are being discussed online. According to some unverified reports, the official "OPM" game app. may be under the platform of PlayStation 4 or Nintendo NX.

Apart from the leading platforms, Android OS is also being considered, especially that it highly dominates the app world and mobile software. Still, this would remain a theory until further notices will be revealed. But for now, it would be good to have a background of what have transpired in the previous episodes of "OPM" to appreciate better the upcoming game app.

In season 1, we have seen various doubts about the ability and strength of the main character, especially those coming from upper-class hero levels. However, while villains tag along on his adventure; Saitama was able to prove his superiority and ability to wipe opponents with just one punch, thus gaining the title of "One Punch Man."

"OPM season 2" is expected to pick up the trail after the impressive battle of Saitama and an invading alien supreme leader, Boros. In the last episode of the season 1, anime fans witnessed almost the real strength of Saitama. His clash with Boros was characterized by a pure, intense battle, which almost made our hero use all of his strength and techniques. However, in the end, goodness and heroism prevailed, along with the help of other members of the Hero Association.

If you haven't tune in with "OPM" before, then you might want to check this anime series to discover the strength of Saitama and his potential opponents in the coming season 2 and to appreciate more the upcoming "One Punch Man" game app.

Watch here below the full battle of Saitama vs. Boros: