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The mega fight between undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and eight-division titlist Manny Pacquiao will not only earn them tons of money but will also cement both fighters boxing status  as one of the legends of the sport, most especially the former. 

It has been debated before if Mayweather is deserving to be lined up with the greatest considering that he continues to turn a blind eye in fighting the Filipino boxer amid the clamors of boxing fans around the world. However, everything was trashed when Mayweather formaly announced that the most anticipated fight will happen on May 2. 

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According to The Bleacher Report, Mayweather is pressured on both ends, he is not only putting his three world titles on the line but also his unblemished record, as everyone know is obsessed with the number zero in the lose category.

If ever Mayweather will come out as the victor, he will match the only boxer who retired without a loss, the late great Rocky Marciano. The Brockton Blockbuster stepped out with a 49-0 record.

Mayweather enters the fight with a 47-0 while Pacquiao banners 44-3. The undefeated boxer in his entire career has never been put in a much compromised position or in a brink of defeat.  As a matter of fact before he adapted the moniker "Money" he is once called "Pretty Boy" because there was no instance where his face was botched or cut from a punch.

He was also said that the showdown with Pacquiao on May 2nd will be his second to the last fight and the finale will be on September.

On the other hand, Pacquiao has been very vocal in saying that being an underdog motivates him, reported by Punchng.

Underdog he maybe, Pacquaio always emerged as victorious whenever he is tagged as an underdog in a fight. In fact he was considered as an underdog when he fought Dela Hoya in 08, Cotto in 09 and Margarito in 10, but the outcome of these fights were all one sided.

There is also a pattern in Pacquiao's career that whenever he is defeated he always bounce back twice as strong as he was.

In 1999, he was KO'd by Thailand's Singsurat, after the KO he bounced back and was undefeated until he faced Mexico's Erik Morales, the first time, in 2005. After he was shamed by Morales, he once again came back not only defeating and degrading Morales but won titles after titles in different divisions until he was controversially beaten by American boxer Timothy Bradley in 2012. On the same year, Pacquiao once again faced his arch rival Juan Manuel Marquez, who decked Pacquiao twice. The second punch perfectly landed on Pacquaio's face with his momentum going forward resulting to a devastated KO in the 6th round.

After the brutal KO from Marquez, everybody thought Pacquiao is history.

Pacquiao went back inside the ring in 2013 against Mexico's Brandon Rios and once again proved everybody wrong.

In 2014, he fought twice, the first, in May against Bradley and the second in November against undefeated and young boxer Chris Algieri whom he decked six times.