• Black Moon

Black Moon (Photo : NASA)

A rare and spectacular Black Moon will occur on the evening of Sept. 30 (Friday) that's scaring true believers in the apocalypse and delighting Wiccans and their ilk.

A Black Moon, which isn't that rare, occurs when the illuminated side of the moon is caught in the shadow of the Earth, making it virtually impossible to see.

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The Black Moon this Sept. 30 will be the second new moon in a single calendar month. A Black Moon of this kind happens about every 32 months.

This is one of only three instances when a new moon qualifies as a Black Moon. The other two are when a month is missing a full or new moon (this only occurs in February) and when this new moon is the third in an astronomical season with four new moons.

So much for the technical details. So, why is the Sept. 30 Black Moon scarier than most?

For zealous Christians, especially those in dread of the Apocalypse, this Black Moon might bring with it worldwide destruction and herald the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Sept. 1 was the day of the "ring of fire" solar eclipse where the moon fell in line with the Earth and the sun above Africa, making it appear as if the sun had darkened. Now, here comes a Black Moon.

This rare double phenomenon when linked to the Bible is driving many apocalyptic Christians to seek refuge in caves or the basements of their homes. 

 "Those signs are letting us know that Jesus is soon coming. We are approaching the end of our world and the end of life on Earth for all human being. Every day, we have to come closer to our savior Jesus Christ. For none can escape for what is coming for the Earth," wrote one true believer on Facebook.

 "The Lord will make the moon turn red as blood ... and turn black," said another.

But for believers in another faith like the Wiccan,s the Black Moon is a source of joy.

Wiccans consider a Black Moon a special time when their rituals, spells and other workings are considered to be more powerful and effective.

Wicca or Pagan Witchcraft is a contemporary Pagan new religious movement.