• Opel Ampera (Chevy Bolt EV)

Opel Ampera (Chevy Bolt EV) (Photo : Twitter)

The Mondial de l'Automobile or Paris Motor Show started on October 1, Saturday in the capital of France. It is the first major car show since Tesla received over 370,000 pre-orders for its Model 3 electric car. Chevy and Renault are unveiling new electric vehicles (EVs) at the yearly event while Mercedes and VW are introducing concept green cars.  

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The first Paris Motor Show was in 1898. It became the largest international car show in 2014 when over a quarter of a million people attended the event in the capital of France.

General Motors will soon start selling the Opel Ampera (Chevrolet Bolt EV) throughout France, according to Engadget. Chevy's EV built as a partnership with LG is set to start production this year as a 2017 car model.

Meanwhile, BMW's i3 electric car recently got a range boost from 81 miles (130 km) to 144 miles (232 km).

Renault's Zoe EV with a $27,000 price tag hit the European market on October 1, Saturday. The French automaker's new Earth-friendly car has a 248-mile (399-km) range. It could result in high sales since EVs are only allowed on Paris roads on certain days of the week, and parking is free for them almost everywhere in France.   

Meanwhile, new EV platforms were launched at the Paris Motor Show including Mercedes' Generation EQ and Volkswagen's I.D. New cars built on the EV platforms are set to launch within the next four years.

Mercedes shared its vision for future vehicles. They included a smart car that picks up dry cleaning for the owner who is returning from a business trip, according to CNBC.

VW has made big promises for its future e-cars. They include 30 car models, ranges up to 378 miles (608 km), and 3 million electric cars sold by 2025. This follows the German automaker's cheating scandal last year involving emissions testing of diesel vehicles.

It is unclear if car makers are fully dedicated to producing EVs since most of them are still building gas hogs such as crossover SUVs.

The high pre-orders for Tesla's Model 3 seem to show average shoppers are ready to buy all-electric vehicles. It gives them a chance to live off the power grid without worrying about high gas prices.  

If Elon Musk's company Tesla can manufacture the 373,000 or so pre-ordered Model 3 cars the EV would become a top 10 best-selling vehicle in the United States. It would also be a provocation to an industry ruled by gas-powered autos.

Here's Tesla's Model S, X, and 3 at Gigafactory 1: