• Saitama the main character of One Punch Man holding a rock as seen in one of the episodes in One Punch Man Season 1.

Saitama the main character of One Punch Man holding a rock as seen in one of the episodes in One Punch Man Season 1. (Photo : YouTube/ QuickTaku)

"One Punch Man" Season 2 confirmed release date had excited various Saitama fans worldwide. Together with the season 2 release confirmation, an increase of query and review about the previous episode or the anime in its totality has been logged. Here in this article are some of the important and peculiar facts that every OMP fan should at least know.

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Many of us know the name of the main character in the hit anime series, but only a few know the reason behind the name. Saitama has been rumored to be the chosen name of the series creator, "One," for it represents the place where he lives. And to somehow highlight the significance of Saitama prefecture, it was also featured in episode 7 of the anime, titled "The Supreme Disciple."

Apart from aforementioned facts, another fact that has been overlooked by some anime fans is the manga cover of which the anime was adapted. The cover itself was uniquely presented that it may be viewed in 3D while being folded. A pretty smart concept that represents the brilliant minds behind the hit manga and anime series.

The hoody that the main character Saitama is not just a simple hoody, for it has meaning on it. The word "OPPAI" printed in the front actually translate to the word breast. And if you are wondering what does the sign underneath the word means, then you may simply refer to the word being used. Such idea somehow represents the puns and redundancy being employed in the anime, for fun or to merely tickle viewers' imagination.

According to reports online, manga creator "One," actually started drawing manga since his younger years, but he never showed any of those work to others.  Even during his college days, he never showed anyone his work. He tried joining some manga clubs but realized he does not fit. That is why he chose to upload his work anonymously online for accordingly he is emotional when it comes to rejection regarding things he loves to do, like drawing.

Perhaps one of the most important facts to learn about OPM, is the fact that it almost never came as it should be right now due to some hindrances encountered by the main author, One. According to reports, the author was being hindered by his peers to become a professional manga artist. However, thanks to the help of Yusuke Murata, One was finally able to realize his dream and thus giving us the visual enticement through "One Punch Man."

And now that some facts are already revealed, it would be best to check the "One Punch Man" Season 2 confirmed release next year 2017, according to Comicbook. And apart from that, it would also be good to anticipate the upcoming game app. for OPM as what otakumode previously announced.

Watch here below some other fun facts of OPM: