• Supercell reveals the new gameplay trailer for "Clash of Clans."

Supercell reveals the new gameplay trailer for "Clash of Clans." (Photo : YouTube/Clash of Clans)

"Clash of Clans" upcoming October update will contain new balance changes and new levels. Clan Wars will also see some changes in the new update.

According to the official blog of the popular mobile game, Supercell has finally confirmed that the upcoming October update is coming soon. The game company revealed the outlines of few of the changes that the fans will be expecting for this new update. They have also announced that there will be more updates and sneak peeks to be revealed in the next few days until the update is released.

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The game company will continue to develop the Town Hall 11 gameplay, boost the underperforming units, and change some high level upgrades for balancing. These changes will make the mobile game balanced for all players, whether they are newbies or experienced players.

There will be new troops coming with this new update for "Clash of Clans" with the majority of the upper level, Town Hall 11. The Wizard level 7 can be recruited with a Town Hall 10, while the other new troops can be recruited with a level 11 Town Hall. These troops are Hidden Tesla level 9, Baby Dragon level 5, Mortar level 10, Dragon level 6, X-Bow level 5, and 25 additional Wall pieces.

The balance changes for a number of troops will help keep the gameplay fun and interesting. Wizard level 6 will have a slight increase in hit points and damage, and it is available at Town Hall level 9. Level 8-9 Mortars will have an increase in damage.

The Skeleton Spells can now spawn 26 skeletons over a single spell shot and the Bowler hitpoints have been slightly nerfed. The Cloned troops from the Clone Spells will now last longer in battle.

Some of the troops' upgrades have been discounted in terms of time or cost. The troops that will be affected are Wizard level 6, Dragon level 3-5, all the levels of Baby Dragon, Canon level 12-13, Archer Tower level 11-13, Mortar level 8-9, Wizard Tower level 7-8, Hidden Tesla level 5-8, and the X-Bow level 2-4.

The Clan Wars will have some changes to it with this new update. Players will be able to earn a partial War Win Bonus even if the attack fails and the bonuses will no longer be reduced even if they attack a lower Town Hall level. More Clan XP with a cap of 10 XP can be gained by defeating more difficult targets in war.

Supercell explained that the changes to the Clan Wars are meant to make high level war attack failures less painful to accept. This will also provide them with better rewards for clean-up attacks.

According to GameNGuide, they will expect more content in the new update for "Clash of Clans" like the new clan ranking system during tournaments and friend wars. They are also expecting a feature that will allow leaders to explain to clan applicants their reasons as to why they were not accepted.

Check out "Clash of Clans" friendly challenge video below: