• Potential form of Tesla Model 3 car from Tesla Motors.

Potential form of Tesla Model 3 car from Tesla Motors. (Photo : YouTube/ Fullychargedshow)

Tesla Model 3 car has been widely searched and highly expected by numerous potential buyers. The said anticipation and impending success is to be attributed to the hype being given to the Tesla's next car. 

Tesla Motors is considerably one of the most daring companies in the motor or car manufacturing industry to date. With their innovative designs and promise of uniqueness, more and more consumers and future car owners are being attracted to their ideas and future products.

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That is why the Model 3 has been one of the highly anticipated automobiles coming from the motoring giant. Though the release date of Model 3 is set in 2018, it has been estimated that there are 400,000 prospective buyers already gearing for a purchase, according to The Week.

The new Tesla car has a new design with a flat, grille-less face at the front. The overall theme would be simplicity adhering to aerodynamics. Thus, allowing Model 3 to eke out the most of its charge, with a target drag coefficient of just "0.21cd" for optimum efficiency.

Concerning practicality, the Model 3 is set to go beyond its prototypes. The issue of its size coming from customers has been taken into consideration. Thus reports have been made, pertaining to car size and space concerns, that it would likely have features that would compensate passenger space and the potential larger item loads. A possible pew will fold completely flat to make up for the issue, according to Bloomberg.

When it comes to the price, there are talks that the car will be affordable. According to reports online, the Tesla Model 3 car will start at around £30,000. While the price is still uncertain, the waiting period has been announced to extend until 2018. Suggesting that pre-orders will likely arrive in the latter part 2018 or the year after.

As of now, leading countries with reservations and order are North America and China. It is expected that countries will soon pour their interest once reviews and comments are released after the shipment of the first sets of orders.

Watch here below Model 3 hidden details: