• 'Clash of Clans' is a freemium mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Supercell.

'Clash of Clans' is a freemium mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. (Photo : Twitter/Clash of Clans)

There is much attention on "Clash of Clans" (COC) sneak peeks prior to the release of the much-awaited October update. The latest pre-sneak peek has a new bomb tower defense structure.

In the new pre-sneak peek video, Supercell gave players a glimpse of the Bomb Tower, which is a new defense structure coming to the MMO strategy video game, according to Clash of Clans official blog. Those who have played "Clash Royale" understand the kind of nuisance a bomb tower can be to one's existence when attacking using ground troops.

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In "CoC" sister game, the bomb tower easily destroys most oncoming ground troops and causes great damage to even the sturdiest of troops, mostly foiling best established offensive strategies. The new defense structure will equally be useful in "CoC."

Supercell pointed out that the bomb tower will be available to gamers at Town Hall 8 and it can be upgraded to level 5. The moment players reach Town Hall 10, they have the option of building an extra bomb tower.

Besides the bomb tower acting as a great defense against attacking troops and dealing some epic splash destruction, when it is brought down by one's enemies it throws one final punch as it explodes into a blazing inferno. This yields extra damage against the opposing troops.

Furthermore, the new bomb tower feature helps in balancing the force of some mass attack troops, which the game developer said have "too easily teetered between being super-weak or super-strong." Supercell as well revealed more balancing changes that were absent in the Tuesday, Oct. 4 sneak peek update.

The upcoming October "CoC" update will bring balance changes to the Witch, Giant Bomb, and Hog Rider. The Witch is set to receive a huge boost to her hit points and a relative damage increase, making her tougher to oncoming fire.

On the other hand, Giant Bombs will lose strength against Hog Rider since they will no longer cause him 1.5x destruction. The damage should reduce the focus on Giant Bombs and help gamers plan for Bomb Tower resistance instead.

Supercell previously revealed new levels for six different troop types, including the Wizard, Baby Dragon, and Hidden Tesla. Seven more troop types are further set to see balance changes and a new Army quick-train feature has been incorporated as well, according to iDigital Times .

"Clash of Clans" upcoming update is scheduled for Oct. 11. Here is footage for more information on the Bomb Tower: