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T-Mobile is the wireless network in the United States with the best quality and performance based on a new report by Twin Prime. The company that focuses on mobile and app performance released a report that ranked the wireless network operator as the top US carrier followed by AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. T-Mobile offered the highest speeds on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and third-generation (3G) networks during the first half of 2016.   

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T-Mobile barely has the fastest LTE speeds. Verizon is 1 percent slower, followed by Sprint at 5 percent slower, and AT&T at 17 percent slower.

T-Mobile's LTE network launched around four years ago. The company has been working hard to catch up with other wireless carriers and recently started picking up the 700 megahertz spectrum.  

The US carrier's fast network had a more commodious lead over the other wireless carriers for 3G. AT&T was 55 percent slower, Sprint was 73 percent slower, and Verizon was last at 82 percent slower.  

AT&T and T-Mobile are Global System for Mobile (GSM) networks so they have an advantage over Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks.  

T-Mobile CEO John Legere's company also was the top network for response times. The carrier had a 55-millisecond (ms) response time over LTE and 75ms over 3G, according to Tmo News.  

Sprint had the second-fastest response times over the networks. It was 55ms over LTE and 114ms over 3G.

T-Mobile often claims it has the fastest LTE and reports it is adding new technology to make it faster. CTO Neville Ray has stated that a network update launched last month for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge enabled 4×4 multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) for faster network speeds.    

Twin Prime also measured how likely it was for wireless customers to have an LTE session. Verizon finished in first place at 95.3 percent. T-Mobile was second (91.7 percent), Sprint was third (91.2 percent), and AT&T was fourth (91 percent).

The company also reported general information about US mobile networks. For example, LTE speeds had a sharp drop from 2015 to 2016.

In related news, Legere recently said that it was very silly for Verizon to buy Yahoo. He also argued that Verizon's purchase of AOL last year was also a bad move.  

T-Mobile US' Chief Executive claimed that Yahoo was a "mess" before Verizon bought it, according to Business Insider. The recent hack of Yahoo affected up to 1 billion users.

Verizon is now thinking twice about the pending $4.8 billion deal and asking for a $1 billion discount.

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