• FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA Mobile Soccer (Photo : Twitter)

Electronic Arts' soft launch of "FIFA Mobile Soccer" happened last September and since the new game has been rolled out to Google Play Store and Apple's App Store it has racked up hundreds of thousands of downloads. Sports fans can choose from 650 real teams and 17,000 real players. Then they can use their iOS or Android smartphone to score a goal with a header shot on a corner kick.

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The new game is also available for Windows 10. EA released the series' first title "FIFA International Soccer" in 1993, while "FIFA 17" has been available since the end of last month.

Gamers can build and manage their own soccer/football team. They can then enjoy several gameplay modes to go head-to-head against other teams.

"FIFA Mobile" includes many features. They include daily events, soccer leagues, and an Attack Mode with short plays.

A new social element called "Leagues" lets gamers play against friends, join other teams, and win trophies, according to Android Police. They can also chat with other league players and send gifts to them.

The sports game also offers live events. This allows fans of the world's most popular sport to participate in challenges such as drills.

"FIFA Mobile" players can win card packs as they finish games and events. They could contain new players for their soccer teams or special items to be used in the game's Plans collections. Those items can be turned in for a chance to get better items.

Todd Batty is senior producer of "FIFA Mobile." He noted in a statement that the game's developers focused on providing gamers with the most exciting parts of soccer. They focused on gameplay and fun ways to make FIFA a social game for mobile devices.

 EA made the soccer game one that loads quickly and has a small download size compared to its features and content, according to Adweek. It also runs smoothly on several devices.

The new EA Sports game is free on Google Play, iTunes App Store, and Windows 10 Store. However, some in-app purchases (IAPs) cost up to $100.

Certain users are having some technical issues at launch so it could take a while for EA to release a nostrum for the problems.

In related news, building one of the top teams in "FIFA 17" Ultimate Team would reportedly cost over $600, according to VG247. The football dream team would include players such as Lionel Messi from Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

Here's a FIFA 17 trailer: