• Trunks training with Z Sword guided by the Kais.

Trunks training with Z Sword guided by the Kais. (Photo : YouTube/ DBSUPERSONICO)

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 is undeniably one of the highly sought episodes, especially after the ep. 62 showcased the overwhelming power of Future Trunks. His initial display of great power almost in par with Zamasu or a Super Saiyan Blue form was highly recognized and speculated by anime fans. Thus, begs the question of how Trunks became so strong in the Future?

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"DBS Future Trunks Arc" never failed to puzzle its audiences with the gradual unfolding of the succeeding episodes and scenes. With the latest addition of episode 62, anime fans are once again perplexed by Future Trunks' display of superior strength as he single-handedly stopped both Black and Zamasu.

As a reaction from the latest "Dragon Ball" episode, rumors and speculations regarding a new Saiyan form proliferated online. ComicBook even described Trunks' new form as Super Saiyan Anger, an unknown an altered version of Super Saiyan. 

However, apart from the newly introduced Saiyan form, another question lingers in the background. Many fans and "DBS" enthusiast are speculating on how Trunks managed to develop such strength in a desolated and chaotic future timeline? Many individuals tried to answer the question, but so far the most compelling theories would include Z Sword and the genetic make-up of Trunks.

According to some theories presented via social media and video sharing platforms, Trunks display of strength and power can be traced with his ownership of the Z Sword. Though not fully determined, many believed that the sword he is carrying is actually a Z Sword. A testament to this was the strength of the alleged Z Sword blocking a blade attack coming from Black as shown in episode 57 of the "Dragon Ball," not to mention his sparring with Goku while in Super Saiyan 3 form, according to DragonBallWikia.

Apart from the Z Sword influence, it is also being highlighted that the genetic make-up of Trunks is responsible for his sudden berserk in episode 62. According to an espoused theory, the reason for such outburst may be traced to the bloodline of Trunks. Apart from being a Saiyan, Trunks is also partly human. Thus, as the theory would suggest and as previous "Dragon Ball" episodes would attest, a hybrid Saiyan is indeed full of potentials than that of a pure-blooded Saiyan.

Such idea is indeed reasonable and possible, for it can be remembered that Gohan with his battle against Perfect Cell likewise had similar feat. Guess we would just have to wait and see how "Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 would present the facts and confirm or disprove theories being framed online.

Watch here below Future Trunks transformation: