• Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen.

Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. (Photo : YouTube/ AerisVideos)

"Game of Thrones Season 7" has been widely anticipated by every avid throner. Though confirmation of its release is still vague, many "Game of Thrones" fans are already scouring the net for an early scoop and potential spoiler of the upcoming Season 7.

The previous episode of "Game of Thrones" definitely favored most of the characters when it comes to vengeance and retaliation. With the said ending and movement of the story, an impending high-stake reunion of previous characters who have not seen each other in the previous episodes will likely happen in the upcoming "Game of Thrones Season 7," according to Vanity Fair

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The same report also cited that the release of "Game of Thrones Season 7" will be much earlier as previously predicted. And accompanied by the same early release of Season 7 would also be the speculated massive war between the White Walkers and combined force of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, which is also being rumored to be directed by Game of Thrones' favorite battle director, Miguel Sapochnik.

In line with the said combined force, it is now being reported online that "Game of Thrones Season 7" would indeed showcase a much awaited encounter of  Jon Snow and Daenerys. Some photos of the taping have been leaked online showcasing a scene where Dany and Jon met on the beach.

Now for some, this is news is not something special, for such encounter would definitely happen, if not in "Game of Thrones Season 7," then probably in the succeeding episodes. However, the said encounter has become more intriguing when a Reddit user claiming to know everything shared the entire "Game of Thrones Season 7" plot as what Hollywood Life reported. And the said spoiler highlighted the sexual intercourse between Jon Snow and Dany while on the boat heading north.

Together with the photo of Jon and Dany on the beach, and the said plot being leaked online, a throner cannot help but connect the dots. And such idea would likely be supported by some fans, especially that some throners are seeing a potential chemistry between the two characters.

Moreover, the said spoiler did not only contain such specific turn of events. Based on the outline of events given, "Game of Thrones Season 7" will also showcase Cersei awakening in a bed soaked with blood, presumably caused by a miscarriage. Apart from that, Littlefinger's death has also been declared and said to be perpetuated Arya as ordered by her older sister Sansa.

All of the information and leaked photo might be unbelievable for now, especially the Reddit post. However, if you will be considering the deletion of account of user 'awayforthelads' who posted the plot leak, then a throner might then think of it as HBO taking notice of post, especially after "Game of Thrones" showrunner made a case against spoilers and reading it, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Guess we would just have to wait and see how "Game of Thrones Season 7" will surprise its millions of audiences worldwide. For now, here below is the encounter of Jon Snow and Dany on the beach, a scene in Season 7.