• An alleged image of a UFO that is being claimed by some experts a mere lenticular cloud.

An alleged image of a UFO that is being claimed by some experts a mere lenticular cloud. (Photo : YouTube/ Paranormal Crucible)

UFO sightings have become a common thing nowadays, especially with the proliferation of alleged legit documentations UFO sightings being uploaded online. However, nothing could have prepared the believers and skeptics alike, with recently uploaded video caught by the space camera of NASA featuring a strange disk-shaped object.   

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Since time in memorial, men became very curious about the outer space and the idea of having another life-form beyond the surface of the earth. There have been many debates, conspiracy theories, presentations being examined to support the theory of alien life form. And perhaps the most controversial, explicit, and unadulterated evidence to date was recent video footage taken by NASA's space camera.

AncientCode highlighted that the latest video footage of a UFO caught on tape is perhaps the best evidence to date supporting the theory of alien life forms. Based on the video, it can be observed that the UFO appears to be traveling on the highest part of Earth's atmosphere at a supersonic speed.

After the UFO footage coming from NASA had surfaced online, various reactions and comments were expressed, both by believers and non-believers alike. UFO skeptics immediately debunked the anomaly associating it to possible earthly craft or space junk. Despite the reasoning being given by UFO non-believers, still the fact that NASA suddenly interrupted the live feed transmission makes the video and the theory behind it more convincing.

Now this is not the first time that substantial evidence has been made public, nor a conclusive claim has been expressed. There were also experiences and testimonies coming from trusted men and authorities somehow confirming these UFO sightings and alien life forms. NatureWorldNews cited a claim made by UFO hunter Scott Waring, stipulating that a mothership about 10 kilometers long is docked on the moon based on a photo taken by NASA.

The image being referred to by Waring was the one accidently leaked and was part of NASA's Apollo 15 mission. "When looking at the Apollo 15 panoramic images, I came across a photo that has a mothership in it," NatureWorldNews  quoted Waring as saying. 

Although NASA experts have continuously denied and will continue to deny the so-called UFO sighting and the existence of alien life forms, most UFO believers are fixed with their belief. For these group of individuals, the question of whether their belief is true or a just pigment of their imagination is not any more of great significance. They believe that alien's existence is not an issue anymore, but rather the date of their arrival is what concerns them most. And one day NASA could somehow anticipate such arrival for humankind to be fully prepared.