• Steam Halloween Sale 2016

Steam Halloween Sale 2016

Valve is holding its yearly Steam Halloween Sale that is offering many games and movies at highly discounted prices. The lower price tags are mostly for horror and Halloween-themed titles and include price cuts up to 90 percent.  Steam's Halloween sale celebrating the scary night of ghosts and goblins is from October 28, Friday to November 1, Tuesday PDT.

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The event creates a few conundrums. Steam's Sale database shows over 5,000 items that are now "Specials" and it is unclear if this figure includes most Steam games and films. It is a question mark because some items are multiple updates or expansions for one title, and others are non-gaming software.

However, the scale of Valve's offering is very big and can provide adults with a digital trick-or-treat bag of games and movies.

There are many major titles included in the Halloween sale. They include several "Resident Evil" titles like "Resident Evil 5," "BioShock Remastered" games, and "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin."

Valve is also offering several zombie-themed titles including "The Walking Dead" that let gamers play as the undead or battle a zombie army.

The annual sale also includes several games with cult followings. They include "Amnesia," "Five Nights at Freddy's," "Limbo" and "Outlast."    

There are some big franchises being offered at big discounts. "Resident Evil 4" is getting a sale price of $7, while "BioShock Remastered" has been discounted 50 percent to a super-low price of $10, according to Tech Times.  

Gamers who want an even bigger discount can enjoy two alien-themed titles. "Dead Space" has a 75 percent price cut so it now costs $5 and "System Shock 2" is almost free at $2.50.    

Other titles getting price cuts include "The Darkness II,"  "Darkest Dungeon," "SOMA," "Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines" and the "Metro Redux" bundle.

Valve will also reportedly hold a Black Friday event. Prices for selected games will likely be slashed at the same rate as the Halloween sale.

In related news, Google's new doodle is celebrating Halloween with a fun browser game. Players scare away ghosts by drawing the symbol that is above their heads including lightning bolts, and draw a heart to fill up their lives, according to The Verge.  The game has five levels. 

Here's a trailer for "BioShock: The Collection":