• UFO in Austria

UFO in Austria (Photo : Paranormal Crucible/YouTube)

Despite the few minutes that a UFO was spotted by Vienna residents, a number of Austrians managed to take photos and videos of the event which had become viral on the internet.

The images, which had more than 20,000 hits so far, are claimed by believers in aliens as proof that extraterrestials exist and are on Earth visiting the planet. The images show a spherical-shaped object that gave a white and almost purple glow, Bitbag reported.

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The UFO apparently did not limit its trip to the capital city of Vienna but went south as residents of Graz, another Austrian city, also reported seeing the UFO which they note was similar to an object seen over Moscow a few year ago.

Vienna police said they are investigating the incident. But because the authorities has not yet released any report about the incident, conspiracy theorists spread the word there has been an alien visit but the cops are covering it up.

It seems Austria is a favorite country for UFO sightings because on Dec. 31, 2015, New Year celebrators spotted a bright glowing object apparently struck by lightning.

However, online skeptics dismissed the Austria sightings. They pointed out what residents saw and captured images on their devices is a quadrocopter, a small helicopter with four rotors, Express reported.