• Huawei, China's telecom giant, intends to launch 5G technology in partnership with a Japanese tech firm.

Huawei, China's telecom giant, intends to launch 5G technology in partnership with a Japanese tech firm. (Photo : www.zoominfo.com)

China’s telecommunications giant Huawei and Japan’s mobile operator NTT DOCOMO are teaming up to develop 5G radio access technology (RAT), the Chinese company revealed on Tuesday, March 3.

The 5G technology is expected to be 1,000 times greater and 100 times faster than the current 4G technology utilized in network connections. This latest development will also allow around 100 billion devices to be connected, a vital milestone needed to be achieved at the height of the emerging "Internet of Things."

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According to a Xinhua news report, the tests that the firms will jointly conduct are aimed at validating the RAT for emerging 5G networks. Experts forecast that the launch of the 5G technology will be seen in 2020, coinciding with the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Seizo Onoe, the executive vice president and chief technology officer of NTT DOCOMO, said that their company "is working to develop key advanced technologies which offer the best communication experience to their consumers."

"From that perspective, it is a pleasure for us to work with Huawei," Onoe added, stating the telecom giant's wide-ranging experience in technological innovations.

For Huawei's part, president of products and solutions Ryan Ding stated that "5G technology is the cornerstone of the development of a better connected world and in that way, it will transform our lives and the way in which we work in the coming decades." He is also a member of the firm's board of executives.

Ryan also pointed out that its partnership with DOCOMO is a necessary step toward transforming the 5G technology dream a reality.

"I think that working together, we will bring numerous potential benefits closer to our clients," he further remarked.

The Huawei-DOCOMO venture is just one of the partnerships the Chinese firm looks forward to transpire throughout this technological quest. The Chinese firm recently announced its plan to invest at least 3.8 billion yuan ($600 million) in 5G technology research and development for the next three years.