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Apple's updates to the new MacBook Pro with 13-inch and 15-inch versions included removing the Secure Digital (SD) card slot.  The tech giant recently explained in an interview that there were a few reasons for dropping the card slot. Apple's executive argued the card gets in the way, and past camera owners used an external reader or their digital camera's Wi-Fi capability did not require plugging cards into laptops.   

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Apple VP Phil Schiller explained the tech giant's decision. In an interview with British online newspaper The Independent he claimed the old card slot got in the way because it stuck out.

Schiller also noted that many camera owners had to get an external reader so their XOD cards or CompactFlash worked on older MacBook Pro models, according to Engadget. Newer cameras do not need to plug in any external memory devices.

This decision will likely be like Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 series. There were also some good reasons to remove the SD slot.

The thin SD card sticking out a little did not cause much pique for users. In addition, many of today's cameras still use SD storage, and not all consumers would be willing to buy a new camera with a wireless transfer feature to work with a new notebook.

Schiller also explained other issues related to the new MacBook Pro. For example, Macs do not have Siri voice-activation like iPhones and iPads.

He noted that Mac fans would want to use Siri even when the portable computer is asleep, but current Macs cannot listen when the system is off. This seems to suggest future Macs could have hands-free Siri activation.

Schiller reported that Apple's online store is getting the all-time most pre-orders for the newest MacBook Pro.  This could be in part due to Apple selling the 13-inch Pro to replace MacBook Air, according to Tech Crunch

In recent days there have been various online complaints about the new Apple computer. They include the price, missing Escape key, only four Thundrerbolt 3 ports, dongles needed on existing devices, and no powerful GPU for the 15-inch version.  

Apple's last MacBook Pro was introduced in May 2015. In the interview Schiller did not provide updates about the Mac Pro or Mac Mini.

Her's a review of the new MacBook Pro: