• Ubisoft reveals the content details for "Watch Dogs 2's" season pass.

Ubisoft reveals the content details for "Watch Dogs 2's" season pass. (Photo : YouTube/Ubisoft US)

Ubisoft has revealed the season pass details for the upcoming video game "Watch Dogs 2." The game publisher also revealed their sweepstakes promo that could let participants win a custom PlayStation 4 console.

According to the official blog of the game publisher, they have recently announced the season pass for the video game, and its details. It contains several contents like new co-op challenges, new outfits for the protagonist, new difficultly levels, new vehicles, and new world stories.

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One of the contents players can acquire is the T-Bone content bundle, which lets them play the character in this sequel. He will have his truck, outfit, and Mayhem, which is a new difficulty level for co-op matches. This mode introduces a new enemy archetype equipped with dangerous weapons.

Three new world stories will be available to play with the Human Conditions content. Players will have to uncover the different scandals in San Francisco's science and medicine industries. This will also have other content like elite co-op missions that feature the Jammer, which has the technology to track his enemies.

The Russian Mafia will be the next target of the main protagonist in the No Compromise content. It will also unlock a new co-op mode called the Showd0wn, which only lets the best players survive.

The Bay Area gets invaded by a murderer who claims to be the Zodiac Killer in the Roots Access Bundle. The murderer is leaving behind messages for the protagonist to uncover and decipher. Aside from this mission, the bundle also includes new outfits, a drone skin, cars, and a new weapon.

The Psychedelic Pack has content that is related to hippies in San Francisco. Players also get a new weapon, another drone, an outfit, and a new car.

The season pass for the video game will be available as a part of the Gold Edition, or it can also be bought separately for $39.99 only. The game will be available on Nov. 15 for PS4 and Xbox One.

In other "Watch Dogs 2" related news, Ubisoft is conducting a sweepstakes promo for the video game. According to the official website of the video game, players will get to win exclusive items related to it like a cool shirt and a custom PS4 console. They can also win exclusive content for the game.

Players will only need to register first to participate in all the Join Dedsec activities and earn points. They can then use those points to redeem in-game rewards, game exclusive gear, and have a chance to win the prize packages.

Check out the "Watch Dogs 2" Season Pass trailer video below: