• Chinese Spiderman

Chinese Spiderman (Photo : YouTube/CCTV News)

Neglectful Chinese parents seem to be growing in number these days. Last week, a Chinese girl was ran over and killed by an SUV because the child’s mother was too busy looking at her mobile phone.

On Oct. 27, a two-year-old boy in Shandong Province dangled from the window of a building after his parents left him alone inside their unit. The toddler, who was barely moving and legs were shaking, was stuck between the bars of a security window, CCTV reported.

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Fortunately for the child, a local resident, Liang Lei, saw the boy and climbed the building’s third floor with his bare hands, like the comic book and movie character Spiderman, sans the costume and mask. The ‘Spider-Man’ hero likes physical sports which explains his ability to climb buildings from the exterior.

“I decided to climb up as I thought he was in danger,” the Chinese hero said of his Spider-Man rescue. Liang Lei, who did not have any safety equipment, held on to the boy when he reached the third floor window until a lock expert arrived and opened the door to the balcony to let the two in.

While the Spider-Man hero was praised for his rescue, the boy’s mother was heavily criticized in social media for leaving the child alone inside the building, Daily Mail reported. On Facebook, where the incident was shared, Kim Brian asked, “Where was his mum…?” Sandra Condron added, “a 2 year old left alone is ridiculous!”

Because of the child’s situation, there is a trace of the security window on the child’s neck. Had he turned his head while in that position, the boy could have fell through the bars’ gap.