• "Infamous: Second Son" main protagonist Delsin Rowe looks around to help some survivors.

"Infamous: Second Son" main protagonist Delsin Rowe looks around to help some survivors. (Photo : YouTube/PlayStation)

Developer Sucker Punch played the "Infamous: Second Son and First Light" on PlayStation 4 Pro and it looked amazing. The powerful console gave their game a higher level of contrast that they have never seen before.

Creative lead Jason Connell wrote on the official blog of PlayStation that the video game benefits from the PS4 Pro in a lot of ways, and one of them is the HDR support. He revealed that with the combination of an HDR-ready TV and the PS4 Pro, players will experience realistic-looking lighting and exposure effects.

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The game developer studio wanted the art direction and the tech of the video game to have realism. They wanted it in a way that players will feel like they are in the streets of Seattle, which is usually damp and rainy. The latest patch made it possible for them to push the values of brightness even further.

Connell said that players who will look at the sun or the sky in "Infamous: Second Son and First Light" will feel extremely bright. The sky's vibrancy and lighting make it look so beautiful to look at, it creates certain moments for them when they play. They can also use this feature in a standard PlayStation 4 as long as they have an HDR capable TV.

With the latest patch, the two games got an increased resolution when they are playing, Connell said. Some game world elements like signs, puddles, leaves, and even coffee cups look crisp, and sharp.

Connell said that the details on the bricks and signs that did not get noticed before the patch are now noticeable. Since Seattle is wet all over in "Infamous: Second Son and First Light," there should be reflections of those details on every surface. Increased resolution has improved the specular aliasing and the other alias issue, even without a 4K TV.

The powers of the characters in the two games had visual upgrades with this new patch, Connell said. It surprised them when they played the characters and their powers had new details that even the developers did not know existed. One example was when Fetch would do a ground pound, particles flickered brilliantly in all directions and with more detail.

According to the official forums of NeoGaf, the latest patch for "Infamous: Second Son and First Light" is version 1.05. In the update history, it reads that it now has support for the HDR and 4K TV.

Check out the "Infamous: Second Son" official Neon reveal video below: