• Alien Face on Mars

Alien Face on Mars (Photo : NASA)

Experts say that majority of the alleged UFO sightings on Earth have some logical explanations such as strange lights just being regular aircraft or government testing some missiles. However, if the sightings believed to be signs of life of another planet were taken by credible space agencies, is it sufficient proof that other life forms exist there?

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The latest alleged proof of life on Mars, claimed by UFO blogger Scott Waring, is several “faces” carved on the surface of the Red Planet. The image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, Dailystar pointed out.

Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily that there are three photos of the “alien” face which is sufficient proof of something. He claims the image seen is the side view of the face of an intelligent species. His basis in stating it is intelligent are the large eyebrows and lengthy forehead.

The fossilized creature looks similar to a bear, Tech Times pointed out. In the past, other shapes have been captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover such as a shoe, Bigfoot skull and an extraterrestrial warrior.

Waring believed the dark object looks like having a coat of fur, while the area supposed to be its face has lesser hair. It would be consistent with an animal fossil. But skeptics disagree with Waring and said it is just a simple Martian rock with a weird shape. The doubters said the rock appears to have the shape of an animal due to the angle of the light and the illumination from the NASA vehicle when it took the image.

Tech Times stressed it is merely pareidolia, the phenomenon of cognitive bias in which the mind perceives a stimulus as a familiar pattern.

But Waring added that if there would be a stronger evidence of life on Mars, it would be to see an alien walking on the planet which he claims had occurred two times.