• Sony introduces their video editing and sharing app for the PlayStation 4, Sharefactory.

Sony introduces their video editing and sharing app for the PlayStation 4, Sharefactory. (Photo : YouTube/PlayStation)

Sony has launched recently update 2.0 for Sharefactory, which lets players create animated GIFs, photo collages, and many more. They can also pan and zoom on gameplay videos this time around.

According to the official blog of PlayStation, the latest update lets players create different types of animated images for them to use in social media and other websites. The program will also get full PlayStation 4 Pro support.

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Players will be able to create GIF images with the GIF feature. They can use the content from their Capture Gallery, or they can just existing Sharefactory projects to make it easier.

Players can create looping animated GIF images that will last up to 10 seconds, and they can share them on social media. The only way to create these animated images is through the PlayStation 4 only.

The latest Sharefactory update will take advantage of PS4 Pro's high resolution content. Players can now share their 1080p videos and 4K screenshots from their Capture Gallery to everyone around the world. They can show of their best Trophy and gaming moments with this feature, and they can only use up to six photos with filters and effects from the application.

The new update has other features added to improve the Sharefactory app. Players can now export projects up to 20 percent faster, they can now pan and zoom their gameplay videos with ease for better shots, and some new Sharefactory troll stickers. For the Internet meme, it has a new font now, the split clip feature can now be used on Track 2, and the UI has been refreshed to make it look new.

Sony said that their team is working hard to improve and add new features since the initial launch of Sharefactory. They wanted players to enhance the sharing experience on PS4 like adding their own music, add audio and video commentary with green screen effects, and many more other features.

According to the official website of PlayStation, Sharefactory is an app that offers easy video-editing tools and effects to players who want to share their greatest moments. They can create videos, animated images, and more with ease and personalization. They can post their videos on Facebook or use a USB drive and upload them.

Check out the Sharefactory Tools of the Trade video below: