• 'Clash of Clans' battling 'Pokemon Go'.

'Clash of Clans' battling 'Pokemon Go'. (Photo : YouTube/ Black Beats)

"Clash of Clans" December update has been highly talked about in the past weeks. It has been speculated that developer Supercell has been brewing something big and enticing to gain back players' engagement, which was undeniably affected by the arrival of "Pokemon Go" this year.

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Since the release of Halloween update this month, "CoC" players have been on the watch for hints of the much awaited year-end update of the famous game app. In a separate article, it has been reported that the upcoming "CoC" could potentially include naval warfare in the game. Supercell aims to expand game dynamics and characters of the game by adding sea units and expanding clash environment, which most players long to happen.

Now with the rumored additions or "Clash of Clans" update happening this December, it cannot be helped to compare the updates of "CoC" with that of "Pokemon Go." There have been reports and social media discussions accusing the former trying to copy the latter. But with no specific angle or proofs being presented, such statements will ultimately remain only as pure speculations.

The on-going comparison of both games may be normal, especially that they both share a larger portion of audiences in the gaming app industry. But the dominance of "PoGo" is undeniable, especially that they have managed to beat top-grossing apps while being a newcomer in the industry.

According to CoCTimes, although Supercell's hit game is being played by more than 100 million gamers daily, its release has already been 4 years ago. However, "PoGo" has not yet reached a 1-year mark, yet it is being played by more than 21 million peoples in a day. Based on their data given, "PoGo" players spend more time on the game app than on Facebook, Twitter.

With the every growing players' engagement of "Pokemon Go," a game-changing move is much expected to come to the "Clash of Clans" December update. It is very crucial for Supercell to develop or innovate game dynamics for 2017. As per Wired, "PoGo" still has plenty of geographic room to grow, and not to mention that it has not yet reached its peak.