• Upcoming Best Smartphone 2017 (OFFICIAL DESIGN)

Upcoming Best Smartphone 2017 (OFFICIAL DESIGN) (Photo : YouTube/ TopBestBox)

Apple's iPhone 8 rumored concept is boasted to fix everything that is wrong with iPhone 7.  The much speculated 2017 iPhone is said to change user's mobile experience with its latest features and add-ons.

Some critics see Apple's recently launched smartphone as something not new among mobiles and other gadgets. The concept of wireless ear buds incorporated in iPhone 7 has already been introduced by other brands, making some smartphone enthusiasts wanting for more. And with the rumored updates being developed for iPhone 8, critics and subscribers alike will surely adore Apple's next generation phone.

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To somehow appease the clamor for something bigger and better in terms of upgrade, it is now being reported that Apple has been tinkering with a secret virtual reality project to potentially incorporate in their next generation smartphones.

MacRumors reports that the Cupertino-based tech giant has been exploring virtual reality and augmented reality for almost more than a decade now. And with the competition and distinct features being presented by competitor now and then, iPhone 8 might soon be incorporated with augmented reality. And if such is the case, then users will experience a modified view of the real world while interacting with others through their smartphones.

Apart from the augmented reality feature to be incorporated in the next iPhones, it is also being reported that drastic change in terms of mobile-capturing experience of users will be included in the upcoming mobile update. Phone Arena mentioned that Apple will bring an OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) feature to the telephoto CCM (Compact Camera Module). And such is a feature that smartphone photographers would love to have. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to its processors, various rumors are being posted online including the possibility of having Apple 11 Fusion processor with superb RAM and battery capacity in the iPhone 8 series, according to Macrumors. But still all of this remains to be an expectation and speculation, guess we would just have to wait for Apple to drop more conclusive info with their upcoming iPhone.