• 'Attack on Titans' Pastor Nick.

'Attack on Titans' Pastor Nick. (Photo : YouTube/ tomandre)

"Attack on Titan" season 2 release date and spoilers have been highly searched and talked about the past months. With the rumored early release in 2017 and the unsolved mysteries of season 1, it cannot be helped for anime fans to ponder on how the next season will likely begin and end.

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The dark fantasy post-apocalyptic manga series has been highly anticipated for its follow-up. Many questions and speculations had surfaced the internet and yet no definitive answers were given. But what most fans can cling on is the assurance that season 2 will surely be released soon, particularly with the manga given the ample to grow its storyline, according to Comic Book.

But to what lies ahead still remains a mystery, especially that the greater part of it remains in the shadow before "Attack on Titan" Season 1 has ended. With the leaked preview video for "AoT's" next season and last significant details of the previous season, it cannot be helped to speculate that a fierce battle between ideology and beliefs will occur.

In the previous season, religious mysticism was surely emphasized over the troubled community. And with the so-called leaked season 2 preview, the role of the pastors has become more vivid in relevance to the existence of the Titans within walls.

Meanwhile, the circulating rumor and spoilers of the basement, where Eren's father kept a few of his documents, will be unraveled in the upcoming episodes as Geek pointed out. With the reported discoveries beneath the mysterious basement, it would somehow shed some light on the scientific and experimental aspect of Titan's existence. Thus, either foreshadowing a clash between the scientific and mystic ideologies or a union of the two distinct schools of thoughts.

Now there is still no certainty on what the central theme would be for the "Attack on Titan" season 2, but it is expected that the upcoming season will some hinge details and hints that were scattered in the previous episode of the anime series.