• Russell Westbrook post game moments.

Russell Westbrook post game moments. (Photo : YouTube/ Oldskoolbball)

NBA rumors on the potential departure of Russell Westbrook from Oklahoma City Thunder still proliferate online despite the contract extension that the veteran point guard signed. And together with the said projection is the potential acquisition of Rudy Gay from Sacramento Kings.

With OKC having to experience the departure of their main man Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook remains the official face of the franchise. However, with their current team standing and overall performance, it seems like Westbrook alone cannot carry his team towards the NBA finals, much more winning a championship.

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And for that matter, NBA trade rumors pointing to the potential player acquisition of OKC have been reported online. According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, the Thunder has a great interest of adding a bigger wing for their highly depleted and relatively young roster. Rudy Gay of the Kings has been cited as the potential candidate of the roster upgrade, which would somehow allow the players of the Thunder to move to their natural positions.

Averaging at least 21.3 points while shooting 47 percent and 42.4 percent from downtown, the addition of Rudy Gay to the Thunder's line-up could be a game changer for the team. The NBA experience of Gay could be of great help for a team having relatively young talents with an average age of 25.1, according to CBS Sports.

Now if by chance NBA rumors are true and OKC lands Gay to their roster, there is still no assurance that their main man will settle for the coming years. For as to the analysis of the Zach Lowe, the extension which Westbrook signed earlier is just for the time being. This would mean that if things will not go right for OKC in the coming season, Westbrook might want to seek a greener pasture similar to what Durant did when he signed with the powerhouse team, the Golden State Warriors.

But still, there is no assurance whether Westbrook will end his contract or how the OKC will try to rebuild and improve their lineup. With Westbrook almost entering 30, the franchise might make a drastic move that would benefit both the team and Russell Westbrook himself. Guess we would just have to wait for these NBA rumors to further unfold.