• A preface to the prophecies of Nostradamus.

A preface to the prophecies of Nostradamus. (Photo : YouTube/ The Debunker)

Nostradamus predictions together with Baba Vanga prophecies and the insight of Pope Francis regarding World War 3 have been widely searched over the past weeks. And this continuing increase of interest over the said topic and that of relating to the world's ending have become more evident as 2016 will soon bid farewell.

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There has been a surge of attentiveness regarding the potential World War 3 as drastic changes and catastrophic events are experienced by the global community. The recent conclusion of the U.S. presidential election, the increasing influence of Islamic terror groups, and gradual shift of the superpowers are a few of the global episodes being linked to the impending World War 3 event.

Nostradamus predictions have been once again revisited by experts and enthusiasts alike in seek of possible hints that could unravel some of the questions and fears displayed by this generation.

In one of the theories reported and in connection to the recent presidential election won by Donald Trump, it has been widely speculated that the upcoming U.S. president may be the one to trigger an apocalypse or what other viewed as World War 3.

Many believed that Trump is the one being referred to by Nostradamus as the "the great shameless, audacious bawler." The Sun also added that the Donald Trump is a "False trumpet concealing madness."

While some individuals seek the words of Michel de Nostredame for enlightenment and guidance, most religious faithful tend to listen to the words of Pope Francis regarding World War 3. While some prophecy subscribers still seek for the arrival of the apocalypse, Pope Francis claimed that the feared World War III might have already begun. With the current series of crimes, massacres, and destruction, the Holy See warns of the "piecemeal" World War III, according to the BBC.

The claim of potential World War 3 may be evident with the events occurring in our society today. Hence, fear of the world's ending drawing near may be reasonable for some. However, to somehow serve as solace for the fearful ones, the Baba Vanga prophecy speculates that the death of the Earth would likely happen in the year 3797. Thus, giving us more time to prepare ourselves of what is to come.