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Magikarp (Photo : Facebook)

A Nintendo fan has reportedly just beaten Game Freak's ''Pokémon Sun and Moon" for the 3DS console using just one Magikarp. The Japanese gamer made a Twitter post with several images showing that the big-eyed red-orange fish had made it to the Hall of Fame. This implied that the player used the Magikarp's Normal attack to defeat pocket monsters such like Marowak and other Ghost type Pokemon.   

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The gamer @Nakano_Official tweeted she would have sushi for dinner. This in part related to the fact that Magikarp in the game is referred to as "Yashoku" that in Japanese means "evening meal," according to Forbes.

Several people claimed online that beating the game with only one Magikarp seemed very preposterous due to the medium-sized fish's Normal attack.

It would usually take a Pokémon trainer weeks and a lot of grinding to beat any Pokémon game. That does not count the time needed to collect all the little creatures a player wanted or collect them all. Some skilled gamers, however, are still finishing "Sun and Moon" within a few weeks after its November 18 release.    

An episode of the Pokémon animated show that aired in Japan in July 1997 first showed the fresh-water fish. Trainers were told the orange fish would reproduce and make them very rich.

Many gamers have been loyal fans of Magikarp. The reason is within time the weak fish would turn into Gyarados. In "Sun and Moon" the Magikarp also has the Flail attack move besides the Splash move, according to Inquisitr.

Using up all Power Points (PP) for a Magikarp's single Normal attack can help to complete the game. The gamer then used the Struggle move to defeat the Elite Four that when combined contain one of each kind of Pokémon including the Ghost type.

When the Magikarp was in tougher battles the Japanese gamer reversed the Struggle method. The Magikarp was constantly healed while the enemy wasted their PP, which required them to use Struggle. That caused their health to drop due to half damage and made it possible to defeat them.

Z-Moves also might have been used to defeat the Elite Four in "Pokémon Sun and Moon." The Pokémon trainer and their Pokémon's wishes combine to include their full power. They can be used once in each battle.

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