• Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at the 58th GRAMMY Awards

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at the 58th GRAMMY Awards (Photo : Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift reportedly spent a fabulous time celebrating Thanksgiving with her close friends and family members at her lavish Rhode Island beach house. Swift also invited her best friend Selena Gomez, but the singer decided to give it a rain check and chose to spend time with her family. 

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In a report by Us Weekly, "Shake it Off" singer reportedly posted Instagram pictures from her Thanksgiving dinner party that was held at her beach house in Rhode Island. Swift had an intimate guest list of her close friends and family members, including "Kill Em with Kindness" singer. However, Gomez, who just returned from her rehab stint, only wants to be with her family and spending time with them is her top most priority.  

Gomez, 24, disclosed last summer that she is battling with depression brought on due to her autoimmune disease, lupus. As her condition worsened, her bouts of anxiety made it harder for her to perform in front of her fans. As a result, she decided to seek treatment in a rehab and was out of the public spotlight, until she made an appearance at the American Music Awards last week where she openly and bravely talked about her condition, Harpers Bazaar reported. 

While the singer may have turned down her bff's invitation, she has been leaning on Swift for support through her tough times. Needless to say, Swift also understands Gomez's need to be with her family right now. In fact, the two have remained in touch everyday, and they also plan to meet soon.

Meanwhile, If the Instagram posts are any indication, Swift and her pals had a great time as they were seen braving the cold breeze by the sea. At the same time, another picture showed the group warming up to delicious dinner and company of close friends.

While Swift is all over social media sharing pictures of her fabulous evening, Gomez is yet to reveal her plans about her official comeback to the music industry.