• AMD's RX 460 graphics card.

AMD's RX 460 graphics card. (Photo : Youtube/Western Gents United)

To bridge the gap between cost-effective and high-performance graphics cards, three AMD models - RX 480, RX 470, RX 460 graphics cards - are built on the Polaris architecture. These are made affordable to bring high-end gaming to the users.  

Gamersnexus  learned that the performance of RX 480 vs. GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, RX 470, R9 Fury X has been tested in "Watch Dogs 2" video card benchmark.

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Priced at $120 for 2GB GDDR5, this graphic card is available in two versions: 2GB and 4GB. It allows players to play games at 1080p,  providing high or ultra quality depending on the game. It is also capable of running DOOM at 1080p with top quality setting surpassing 60 FPS. The power consumption is also very less.

RX 470:

Priced at $220 for the 4 GB GDDR5 version, this is a medium to high range card. It is available in two versions - 4 GB and 8 GB for users who wish to play in 1080p. It has high quality settings and smoothness without breaking the bank. Going by the features and the price point, the value is excellent.

RX 480:

Priced at $280 for 8GB and $230 for 4GB, the forerunner model of the Polaris 10 series,  card is ideal to play in 1080p with every setting in ultra and also at 1440p. It is recommended for users who have fixed budget of lower than 250 dollars while looking for a great performance that is ready to give efficiency more than 1080p apart from having a long life span.

Finally, RX 460 is valuable for the upgrade to the users from any integrated Intel or AMD graphics card. Alternatively, RX 470 is recommended for purchase to the users from the Radeon R9 or the GTX 960 dedicated cards.  RX 480 can be upgraded from Radeon R9 380 or GTX 960 dedicated card. 

PCworld reported that the PowerColor RX 480 is more cheaper than some RX 470 models.

To add more fancy things to these system, it is important to get organized. While rebates add up to as much as $60 of savings, an addition of 10 percent for parts may also be required.  Although the cost of Windows 10 is factored into these builds, sales tax is not included.