• One of four kids in the game walks away from fully-armed men

One of four kids in the game walks away from fully-armed men (Photo : Youtube/Final Fantasy XV - Omen Trailer (North America))

Final Fantasy XV is  launched worldwide and Square Enix released a live-action trailer to extol the big occasion.

The trailer is quite an epic that shows how four brave kids go on an adventure and come across a daemon. Assisted by Noctis and band, kids move ahead for battle against giant golem.  In the storyline, when all seems lost, an unforeseen surprise comes way.

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Dualshockers stated that the trailer video also talks about the theme song of the game "stand by me" sung by Florence + the Machine.

The celebrations of launch are being held in the countries where the game is already available including Europe and Japan. The developers also showcased the "Mystery Disk" to pay homage to the fans who supported the game while it was in prolonged development.

It has been a long time coming and latest is, Final Fantasy XV is now available. Game Transfers stated that in recent Active Time Report, Square Enix announced all settings including the first patch for Final Fantasy XV. The game will weigh between 50GB and 60GB for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, respectively.

Big lines in front of gaming stores is a thing of past in Japan due to the facility of online shopping. In some rare occasions, Japanese gamers come together to stand in line and Final Fantasy XV has become one of such instances.

Square Enix hosted a launch event in front of the iconic Yodobashi megastore in Akihabara that is said to be a pretty place where Tokyo gamers prefer to stand when a big release happens. While it was still dark, the crowd began to grow larger. There were 200 people in front of the store willing to welcome the launch of the most awaited JRPG of the year.

The game also available in Asia and Europe. North America will follow soon. It is also stated it is essential to wait over a week to know how the game performed during its Japanese debut.

As a crazy homage to fans, Japanese live stream provides and lovely presentation and launch celebrations while European launch event brings out slightly new in-game weapon.