• The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being put through a test.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being put through a test. (Photo : YouTube/Pocketnow)

The Note lineup from Samsung took a beating this year, with the Note 7 spontaneously combusting and it appears that the Korean company will reveal what went wrong with the device next month.

With the demise of Note 7 plunging Samsung into the doldrums and the company witnessing a 96% drop in third quarter profit this year, many are waiting to see how it would deal with the fallout. Now it appears that the company is going to tackle the issue head on and reveal the reason why the Note 7 kept bursting into flames.

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Reporting on the investigation into the Note 7, The Korea Herald indicated that the results from it will be made public in December. It is also likely that Samsung is pushing out the results of the investigation as soon as possible, because it does not want any bad press to impact the release of the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship.

As for the Note 7 itself it was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm when it arrived in August. However, it soon landed in the headlines as several devices caught fire and initially this was thought to have resulted from faulty batteries sourced from Samsung SDI.  Subsequently the device was recalled and fresh ones were shipped to customers with batteries manufactured by ATL in china.

In October of this year, it became clear that many Note 7 devices were still prone to catching fire and this prompted Samsung to withdraw it from the market altogether. This scrapping of the Note 7 has resulted in Samsung losing a significant amount of revenue as the device is a popular phablet and is a serious competitor to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Analysts expect that a full investigation into the cause of the Note 7 failure before the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship arrives will assuage any concerns about safety. Currently it is thought that faulty batteries were the cause of the fires, but the investigation could uncover additional reasons.

Finally it appears that the impact of the Note 7's failure has not stopped causing problems for Samsung in its home country Korea. There are even indications that the company's shareholders might be planning to split the company into two, reported Bloomberg.

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