BLACKPINK (Photo : Twitter)

Rumor has it that BLACKPINK is not attending MAMA 2016 as YG is scared of 2NE1 fans will boo or attack girl group.

According to some hearsays, YG Entertainment planned a surprise appearance at MAMA 2016 tomorrow, but decided against it after the backlash it has received after it announced 2NE1 disbandment and Nam Taehyun leaving Winner and YG.

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Some netizens are putting the blame on BLACKPINK as one of the factors for the disbandment. 2NE1 made a surprising appearance at last year's MAMA making it the last performance of the female group and the appearance of BLACKPINK may bring a wave of nostalgia to fans igniting hate on BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK is often compared to their sunbae group and some loyal 2NE1 fans tagged them as a copycat of the original YG girl group. However, BLACKPINK members said that 2NE1 was one of their biggest influences as they looked up to them whiles training under the agency. Moreover, the two groups have the same producer - 1TYM's Teddy. Thus, making their music sound the same.

YG Entertainment previously announced that none of its artists will attend MAMA 2016 due to busy schedules overseas to further the careers of its artists. Moreover, the label is reportedly busy with the upcoming comebacks of some of its biggest stars - Sechs Kies, BIGBANG, and PSY.

However, most Kpop fans think that the main reason why YG Entertainment will skip MAMA 2016 is because it needs to keep a low profile for now because the agency is being linked to the controversial scandal involving the president of South Korea.

Rumor has it that a YG director is affiliated with President Park and the cult leader. This could be the reason why YG gets priority in major events. Moreover, the label is able to bury its past scandals like G-Dragon's marijuana use and Daesung's car accident scandal.