• South Korean actress Park Shin Hye arrives for the red carpet of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival at Shanghai Grand Theatre on June 14, 2014 in Shanghai, China.

South Korean actress Park Shin Hye arrives for the red carpet of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival at Shanghai Grand Theatre on June 14, 2014 in Shanghai, China. (Photo : Getty Images/Feng Li)

South Korean actress Park Shin Hye believes that confidence is a vital ingredient in the recipe of success. She is the brand ambassador of beauty brand Mamonde since 2014.

While others choose to go under the knife to enhance their beauty, Park believes it is important to be at peace or confident with one's looks and relish a positive trait. The young actress revealed her beauty secret through a post on Instagram.

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 #ParkShinHye: It’s all about confidence and good skincare In today’s appearance driven society, it’s nice to come across a South Korean actress/singer who believes confidence is a vital ingredient in the recipe of success. Park Shin-hye, the brand ambassador for South Korean beauty brand Mamonde said it all boils down to being at peace with the way you look and relishing the positive traits in yourself. “Some people opt to undergo surgery to enhance their looks. But it’s important to be confident with the way you look,” said Park who was in Kuala Lumpur recently to launch Mamonde’s inaugural Flower Day, a day dedicated to appreciate the beauty of flowers, people and mother nature. The 26-year-old South Korean actress explained women should be comfortable in their own skin and shouldn’t hide their beauty with heavy make-up. “While make-up helps to enhance one’s features, too much of it tends to hide a person’s features. Less make-up is better and it’s always better to let your natural beauty shine. Essentially, be happy with your appearance,” explained the actress who was unanimously chosen by South Koreans as its ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ for her unchanging beauty, good acting skills and kind personality. The talented actress is no stranger in the South Korean entertainment circuit. Since her acting debut in Korean drama Stairway To Heaven (2003), Park has gone on to carve a name as one of the rising talents in the Hallyu wave. She’s received acclaim for her leading roles in Korean TV series You’re Beautiful, Flower Boys Next Door and Heartstrings and movies Evil Twin, The Royal Tailor and Brother. With her soft spoken demeanour, her popularity as an actress and attractive looks, it’s no surprise why South Korean actresses were included in Forbes Korea’s list of 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in South Korea last year. Regarding the secret to her good skin and toned figure, the svelte beauty enjoys keeping fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. “To avoid feeling sluggish, I workout and attend pilates classes daily. Due to my hectic work schedule, I hardly have enough sleep and my skin tends to look dull. (Continue reading at comment) #박신혜#마몽드#Mamonde#PSHarticle

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Park was in Kuala Lumpur to launch Mamonde’s Flower Day to celebrate the beauty of people, mother nature and flowers. For her, women should be comfortable with their skin and should wear less make-up, which can enhance one’s features but also hide natural features.

The 26–year-old South Korean actress maintains her beauty by keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. She attends Pilates classes every day and relies on facial masks to hydrate and brighten her skin.

Park’s busy schedule makes her lack sleep which results to a dull-looking skin. She loves to use the rose water toner from the South Korean skin care and cosmetic brand she represents, as well as its tint color balm and cover powder cushion.

The Flower Day annual celebration in October coincides with the date when Mamonde was introduced to South Korea in October 1991. The brand added two Moisture Ceramide items to compromise emulsion and skin softener. Mamonde’s Moisture Ceramide is formulated with hibiscus ceramide plus which makes skin moisturized and hydrated.

Park is dubbed as South Korea’s “Little Sister” for her kind personality, good acting and unchanging beauty. She debuted in the 2003 Korean drama “Stairway to Heaven,” and has made a name for herself in Hallyu wave.

The young Korean actress has been recognized for her lead roles in television series “You’re Beautiful,” “Flower Boy Next Door,” “Heartstrings,” “The Heirs” as well as films like “Brother,” “Evil Twin” and “The Royal Tailor.” The soft-spoken star is typecast as the lovelorn and passive heroine. She showed her versatility as an actress by playing a badass and headstrong character without a stunt double in the recent SBS series “Doctors,” AsiaOne  reported.

The South Korean actress Park proves that she has a beautiful heart by being inducted into the Philantrophy Club of Korea Food for the Hungry International in November. She supports the organization’s efforts with at least $85,000 in donation to fight world hunger, Soompi reported.

Watch Park wins Best Female Artist in Asia Artist Awards below: