• Donald Trump calling Putin.

Donald Trump calling Putin. (Photo : YouTube/ The Next News Network )

Conspiracy theorists first tagged Russian President Vladimir Putin as the man likely to push the button that will trigger the dreaded nuclear showdown between the United States and Russia. Then Donald Trump became the President-elect, firing up speculations that he is the third Antichrist imagined by French doomsday prophet Nostradamus, next in line after Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler.

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For many, Putin and Trump are ingredients for the perfect disaster recipe. They will be responsible for laying waste Earth and according to Bulgarian blind seer Baba Vanga, Trump will fulfill prophecy - that he will be instrumental in the destruction of humankind - as early as 2018.

But destroying Earth or for that matter, a land to be conquered, does not make sense. If conquering leaders would want to expand their territories, why would they resort to nuclear attacks that will lead to damages of biblical proportions, certainly irreparable for decades or centuries to come?

Why not just let a city or a nation self-destruct? A new report by Catholicsay.com is suggesting that even in the event that Trump will lead America into war and that if the continental U.S. came under attack, it will not be in the form of nuclear missiles raining down on key American cities.

The next major warfare will happen in the cyberspace, the report said.

Picture this: "The people of Los Angeles are watching the television ... Suddenly, the power goes off. The city goes silent. Residents step outside expecting to see a mushroom cloud, but the sky is clear. Traffic grinds to a halt and an eerie quiet descends upon the city 4 million people."

Following the widespread power outages, "the water stops flowing," and all the other utility services were abruptly discontinued. The city is cut off, and rioting and looting ensued. It's just total chaos and anarchy.

"Within a month, Los Angeles has destroyed itself, the first target of World War III," the report by Catholicsay.com said.

And the path to destruction was paved by a team of hackers sanctioned by a state that had the vision that the upcoming global conflicts will not be won by powerful armies but by talented cyber warriors. "While great attention is focused on the building up armies, cyber warfare teams are preparing for a different kind of war. The most hi tech weapons are useless if they will not power on or fall into enemy hands though hacking," the report said.

The premise of the attack, of course, hinges on the high likelihood that when down and deprived - no food or no water - man will unleash his inner evil and willingly kill or destroy just to survive. Such scenes have been seen in the movies and in real life - in Syria, in Libya and in the 1992 Los Angeles riots as rightfully pointed out by the same Catholicsay.com report.

In essence, there is no need for a Trump or Putin to push man into the brink of collapse. As visualized by Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, man will self-destruct when the right button is pushed.