• "The Defenders" will debut on Netflix in 2017, while "Jessica Jones" Season 2 is expected to come out in 2018.

"The Defenders" will debut on Netflix in 2017, while "Jessica Jones" Season 2 is expected to come out in 2018. (Photo : Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Netflix)

Luke Cage appears to be the luckiest superhero in terms of his romantic entanglements. Although he was first introduced as a friend of Jessica Jones and having occasional sexual encounters with her on "Jessica Jones" Season 1, Luke Cage developed a romantic relationship with Claire Temple in "Luke Cage" Season 1. Will their relationship last for long?

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Rosario Dawson appeared as Claire Temple in the first season of "Luke Cage." Fans of "Daredevil" would know that Dawson first debuted as Claire Temple on the first season of the show. Claire was Matthew Murdock's confidant and often sought her help when he was injured. In "Luke Cage," things became more interesting as Claire became a love interest for Mike Colter's character.

According to Movie Pilot, Claire was actually an early love interest for Luke Cage in the comic books. However, the unbreakable hero is more popularly paired with Jessica Jones and they even have a baby girl named Danielle Cage.

Nevertheless, Claire's involvement might throw a wrench on Jessica and Luke's relationship. Claire's relationship with Luke Cage might develop even further in "The Defenders."

"It's one of those things where it's a slow development. I think when people look at something like this and they talk about art imitating life, you're in real time," Colter told Harper's Bazaar about how Luke and Claire's relationship might affect his connection to Jessica.

However, he cleared up the "Luke Cage" takes place five years after the finale of "Jessica Jones" Season 1, which means that they have broken up and he's ready to have someone new in his life. As to whether Claire may be a "rebound relationship," Colter said it might be a yes or a no.

"I haven't seen her [Jessica] again. I don't know what those feelings are gonna be when I see her again," he said.

It's also possible that the character was only introduced to connect Luke Cage and Matthew Murdock stories for when they band together as Hell's Kitchen's Avengers-esque superhero team. After Finn Jones debuts as Danny Rand in "Iron Fist," all four Marvel heroes on Netflix will come together for "The Defenders." It's possible that Claire's appearance in "Luke Cage" was only meant to give Luke Cage and Daredevil a common denominator.

"Luke Cage" is now available on Netflix.