• Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich embraces Stephen Curry after Game Six of the 2013 Western Conference Semifinals.

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich embraces Stephen Curry after Game Six of the 2013 Western Conference Semifinals. (Photo : Getty Images/Stephen Dunn)

The San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has always been brutally honest and it often leads to hot takes and shots fired.

Popovich is one to express his disdain on anyone and anything. He was very vocal in his objection to Donald Trump, who's now the President-elect of the United States. He actually said that the idea of someone like Trump running the country would be "disgusting."

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While it's no surprise for most basketball fans, it should be noted that Popovich is technically working for a Trump supporter, as The Undefeated shared in an interview with the NBA's longest tenured coach. Did the Holts (Spurs team owners) allow him to speak against their candidate of choice?

"No, they haven't given me that freedom," Pop confided. "I live in America. That's what has given me that freedom. There are no individual people that give me that freedom."

Given his bravery on airing his political views, Pop won't pull his punches on his NBA rivals, even indirectly. In a Sunday Shootaround feature, SB Nation had the Spurs coach talking about his top player Kawhi Leonard. Did he also throw shade at Steph Curry in his statement?

 "He's (Leonard) never going to be a towel waver," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "He speaks to me about things that he sees now. He comes into timeouts, if he's not happy with what's going on on the court. That's all good."

"I'd rather have him do that than beat his chest and wiggle his shoulders and stare at the camera and all that other crap," Pop continued. "That doesn't seem to make much sense. I'd rather have it the other way and work on him to be a leader in the timeouts, in the locker room, on the plane. That kind of stuff."

That's a description of Steph Curry's on-court celebration alright, and even LeBron James might have been slighted. Then again, Popovich was simply airing his preference-the soft-spoken yet deathly efficient type of players that he somehow acquires.

The Golden State Warriors have also been outspoken themselves with Draymond Green taking shots at Kevin Durant's critics, specifically the Boston Celtics' fans at one point. However, there hasn't been any response to Popovich's take as yet.

As if the next Spurs vs. Warriors game did not have enough reasons to be a must-see, this adds a bit more color.