• ZOTAC introduces their VR GO backpack PC.

ZOTAC introduces their VR GO backpack PC. (Photo : YouTube / ThinkComputers)

ZOTAC's VR GO backpack PC powered by the NVIDIA GTX 1070 video card is now on sale for an expensive price tag of $1999. The mobile PC can also be upgraded with other parts.

VR gaming is starting to take off, thanks to the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive VR headsets. It has also been made cheaper thanks to the Pascal and Polaris GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD, respectively.

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For those who do not want to be limited by their space at home, the ZOTAC VR GO backpack PC could be the answer, as it can be hooked up with either of the VR headsets for a more carefree experience. ZOTAC's VR GO backpack PC is powered by the GTX 1070 with an Intel Core i7-6700T processor and still can be upgraded, AnandTech reported. It has 16GB DDR4 RAM but users can still upgrade it up to 32GB if they have extra cash to burn.

Since the backpack PC is designed for moving, the storage device is a 240GB SSD with one extra 2.5" SATA bay for another SSD. Using a mechanical hard drive is not recommended as it could fail due to the PC's mobile nature.

In addition to the SSD, the ZOTAC VR GO backpack also relies on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect since wires are minimized as possible. It does have three HDMI 2.0 and two DP 1.3 ports for connecting the VR headsets or through an external display if the user chooses to be stationary.

Interested customers should order online now as the ZOTAC VR GO backpack PC is already sold out on Amazon, The Verge reported. The sooner customers order, the sooner they will get their products shipped once stocks are replenished.

Upgrading the ZOTAC VR GO backpack is possible but the GTX 1070 and the i7 processor installed are already optimal for the power draw and temperature of the case itself. Customers also need to note that the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset are not included with the purchase.

Watch the ZOTAC VR GO backpack in action: