• limitelsss Season 2 Trailer | CBS Television Studios.

limitelsss Season 2 Trailer | CBS Television Studios. (Photo : YouTube/ My Tv Night)

"Limitless" Season 2 still hangs in a limbo due to a decline in viewership of the previous season. Despite such information, fans are still hoping for a follow-up as expressed in their online campaign. 

It has been seven months since showrunner Craig Sweeny told fans that "Limitless" will not continue on any platform.  Such social media post-marked the official cancellation of the TV series after a roller coaster ride of its season 1.

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There have been many rumors circulating about why Brian and his FBI colleagues were not given a second chance by CBS. One of the reasons cited was because of the topic being covered by the series, "NZT" drug. However, most people believed that the declining viewership is to blame for the shutdown of the movie turned TV series. Such decline could be somehow traced to the lack of originality of the said spin-off, which, according to The Atlantic review, "a dull cop show despite its wackier sci-fi origins."

It was a tough decision to make for the people running the "Limitless," they even tried searching for pickers who would like to give the TV series a second chance. Despite its initial success, the succeeding episodes somehow did not manage to convince the bosses for a "Limitless" Season 2. The show only landed a live-plus-same-day stats of 1.4 placing it well behind that of Tuesday night counterparts NCIS, with 2.2 stat, according to Yahoo News.

Although streaming giants like Amazon and Netflix opted to pass on picking up the series for another season, presumably because of its declined viewership, fans still remain hopeful up to now. In fact they have managed to create an online petition that is almost at its brim. With a targeted 40,000 strong, it currently has 36,917 supporters and still growing.

Granting that the online petition hit its target, there is still no guarantee that CBS or any other network would immediately pick-up the series and start "Limitless" Season 2. However, if you were to view similar approaches like that of the Young Justice online petition for Season 3, then there might still be a glimmering hope for Brian Finch to return and prove that the show is indeed "Limitless."